Chicken Biryani Dum Recipe

A royal dish of nawabs and nizams, Biryani first originated in Persia. Dum is the cooking style, where the lid is sealed to the pot with flour dough and simmered for hours. This gives the dish all the required flavors to make it flavorsome and delicious. It is a spicy and flavorful dish made with chicken, cooked in dum to get the maximum flavors.



Mint Paste

Put yogurt, mint leaves, Coriander, Cumin seeds, onions, ginger garlic, green cardamom in a mixer grinder and grind it well.

Saffron Milk

Add saffron strands to milk and keep it aside for one hour

  1. Take oil in a pan and add the above mint paste to the oil. Sauté it and then add turmeric powder, cinnamon, cloves ,  bay leaves and let it sauté for a min. Add green chillies, chicken pieces and sauté it. Add salt to this.
  2. Once the oil starts to separate a little, take half of the boiled rice and add it on top of the mixture.  Press the rice evenly on the chicken mixture.
  3. Sprinkled deep fried sliced onions on top of the first rice layer.
  4. Now, add saffron milk to the rest of the rice, add a little salt to taste, mix the rice well and put the second layer on top of the onion rice layer. Press it evenly from all sides.
  5. Now cover the lid and seal the sides of the pot with wheat flour dough. Cook it for another 15 minutes on low flame.