A tour is a great way to experience the local food culture, although this isn’t as simple as picking out a restaurant at random. That could get you an authentic eating experience or not, a great meal or otherwise – you just don’t know. It’s best to plan your tour before you set out.

1. Choosing A Neighbourhood and Theme

The first thing to do is choose a neighbourhood and a theme, then spend some time researching the area and what you can expect to find there. Bear in mind the best restaurant might not be whatever is advertised in the local newspaper this week or the one with the fanciest address.

2. Don’t Ask Hotel Staff or Drivers For Recommendations

Don’t ask cab drivers or concierges about recommending a place either since they are often ‘rewarded’ for their suggestions. Not all of them of course.

3. Do Your Own Research

Check various online review sites for more information. What you really ought to do is plan snacks rather than whole meals. After all, one meal will fill your belly for the day, whereas stopping at various places for snacks instead will allow you to try different places and foods.

4. Don’t Indulge On One Item

Then you can try as many things as possible without getting too full on one item. If you get full, remember you can bring some of your meal home or buy some locally made snacks for eating later in the day.

5. Consider The Distance Between Each Location

Ensure you can get around either by foot, public transport or car, and the places you choose aren’t too far from one another (unless you really don’t mind the drive).

6. Bring A Friend

One final piece of advice is to take a good friend with you – a fellow foodie if possible, so you can share your experiences and compare notes!