Boiled Egg TimerThe colour change boiled egg timer is handy if you want to time your boiled eggs. It is all too easy to forget about them in the pan and end up with rubbery eggs, and it is similarly inconvenient when you remove them from the boiling water and crack one open only to discover your ‘hard boiled egg’ still has a runny yolk and is therefore no good for the egg salad you were planning to make. It’s not like you can put the egg back in the shell and cook it for longer. That is why the colour change boiled egg timer is so useful. Simply pop it in the water along with the eggs, choosing hard, medium or soft before you do, and as soon as you see it change colour, your eggs are done! This is really easy to use and a great gift for someone who likes to cook. You might also want to get one for yourself if you often boil eggs.

Egg PoacherSilicon egg poachers are also useful. Although it is possible to poach eggs without such a gadget (you know, the old-fashioned way like our grandparents did it!) it is handy to use egg poachers to ensure great results. The eggs mould to the perfect shape and after using the poachers you can simply pop them in the dishwasher for easy cleanup afterwards. They are easy to use and easy to put in the simmering water and also remove from thee. These can also be used for moulding and baking, and they are microwave-safe, so consider using them to make cookies or little individual puddings as well as making your poached egg for breakfast or lunch. You usually get a couple of silicon egg poachers in one package and since they are so quick and easy to clean that should be sufficient, unless you’re making poached eggs for all the family at once.

Egg SlicerAn egg slicer is another popular gadget which can sliced a boiled egg into perfect, uniform slices in just a second or two. The popularity of this one is down to convenience. Why cut an egg by hand in a minute when you can use this gadget to get neat, even slices in just a couple of seconds? Sliced egg is great for everything from salad to sandwiches, and it also makes a nice garnish. One of these is enough and you can choose from a plastic or metal finish depending which you happen to prefer.


Poached Egg Photo by Egseah, on Flickr
Other Photos Courtesy of Amazon