Kitchen scissors are really useful, despite being an often overlooked kitchen tool. You might have a pair which matches your kitchen knife set or perhaps you have a separate pair. It could be that you don’t yet have any kitchen scissors, otherwise known as kitchen shears, in which case you might want to get a pair because they have many uses.

1) Small kitchen scissors are perfect for trimming and pruning herbs that you’re growing because it will not bruise the herbs or hurt the leaves.

kitchen scissors cutting herbs

2) Kitchen scissors are great for cutting a pizza into wedges if you can’t immediately find your pizza cutting wheel.

kitchen scissors cutting pizza

3) Use Kitchen Scissors for cutting pancetta or bacon into small pieces

kitchen scissors cutting bacon

4) Kitchen Scissors are also great for snipping through lobster or crab shells.

kitchen scissors snipping through lobster shell

5) You can even use them to cut cooked chicken into pieces. This is certainly easier than hacking at a cooked chicken.

kitchen scissors cutting chicken

6) Use your kitchen shears to open food packaging or those hard-to-open sealed packages, rather than hunting through the house looking for another pair of scissors.

kitchen scissors open sealed packages

Here are Attractive and Handy Features Of Some Kitchen Scissors

7) Kitchen Scissors With Bottle Opener Feature

kitchen scissors bottle opener

8) Kitchen Scissors that helps opened a tightly closed jar or bottle lid with a grip between the handles.

Kitchen Scissors that helps opened a tightly closed jar or bottle li

9) Kitchen Scissors that cuts up the pizza and holds the slices in place

kitchen scissors with pizza holder

10) Kitchen Scissors with built in nutcracker

kitchen scissors nutcracker

11) Most Kitchen Scissors are dishwasher safe, so its really easy to clean

Dishwasher Safe Kitchen Scissors

12) No matter whether you’re a right hander or left hander, there’s always a kitchen scissor for you

left handed kitchen scissors
left handed kitchen scissors

Although kitchen shears are often considered an optional piece of kit in the kitchen, their versatility and ease of use makes them a vital part if you love to cook and you want a versatile gadget to help you prepare your ingredients and perform a variety of other tasks.